Our Hochkönig region

Our Hochkönig region around Thorau's Lifestyle Apartments in Maria Alm in the Salzburger Land.

In our house, in Thorau's Lifestyle, in the apartments and in the region everything is inviting for our guests. Your holidays are not only eating, drinking and feasting - therefore the region is way too amazing. Our region can offer you much more than that.

We think it must be quite a challenge to face all the possibilities and options during your holidays at the Hochkönig. Some want to do some sports into the mountains, others like fun, games and action and others in turn want to relax and enjoy. Quite a program for your holidays - we can help you with that.

As the name implies, the Hochkönig is a mountain region - the name comes from the highest peak in the region - the Hochkönig. It seems like everything has to do with that mountain in our region and the mountain is always there. Whatever you do, you'll always have a glance to the Hochkönig.

If you take a look at all the sights and destinations in summer, while you check out the forest-rope-park Natrun or while you take a rest in one of the public pools, it is always there and look at you - the Hochkönig. When you ride your bike through the region or take a hike on one of the numerous hiking paths, it is there and put it's shadows into the landscape - the Hochkönig. When you are skiing in winter and make some nice carving turns in the snow it is there and looks at you - the Hochkönig.

Whatever you plan to do during your holidays in the Hochkönig region, you will not face extra costs. As our guests in Thorau's Lifestyle Apartments you will be handed over the Hochkönig Card. With that you will be granted amazing discounts and many advantages.

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